Here are 13 ways to expand your connections as a new agent:

Here are 13 ways to expand your connections as a new agent:

  1. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce: Regularly attend events and become an active member of your local business community
  2. Engage in Fitness and Sports: Participate in community sports leagues or fitness groups to meet people with similar interests
  3. Find a Hobby: Explore new hobbies or continue to engage in your current ones to connect with like-minded individuals
  4. Take a Class: Learn a new skill in a group setting to meet people and form bonds over shared learning experiences
  5. Say Yes More: Be open to new experiences and accept invitations to events, which can lead to unexpected networking opportunities
  6. Make Networking a Lifestyle: Integrate networking into your daily life, whether it’s at your child’s sporting events or during casual social gatherings
  7. Look for Ways to Help: Offer your expertise and assistance to others, which can build goodwill and establish you as a go-to resource in your communityACE Home Mortgage - Texas Home Loans - California Home Loans
  8. Be Prepared: Have an elevator pitch ready for different scenarios, so you can effectively introduce yourself and your services
  9. Maintain an Online Presence: Use social media and blogging to reach a wider audience and engage with potential clients and peers
  10. Engage with Your Local Community: Volunteer and participate in local events to increase your visibility and connect with residents
  11. Become a Better Listener: Show genuine interest in others’ stories and needs, which can lead to stronger, more meaningful connections
  12. Attend Events and Conferences: Be present at industry-related gatherings to stay informed and meet professionals with shared interests
  13. Follow Up: After meeting new contacts, make sure to follow up with them to nurture the relationship and keep the connection alive

Remember, the key to successful networking is consistency and genuine engagement. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a robust network that can support and grow your real estate business.








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Lisa Barrientes, co-founder of ACE Home Mortgage, brings three decades of lending expertise to the table. Armed with a master’s degree in business, she navigates the intricate financial landscape with finesse. Beyond her professional prowess, Lisa dons the hat of a personal coach, guiding individuals toward their financial aspirations. Her commitment to empowering clients and fostering growth sets her apart in the mortgage industry

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Manny Campos

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Manny Campos is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for finance and community development. As the Co-Founder of ACE Home Mortgage, aims to fulfill home dreams nationwide. His expertise and passion empower clients, turning aspirations into reality.  Manny’s extensive experience as a credit union manager in Central Texas equipped him with invaluable insights into financial services. Beyond the boardroom, he’s an avid golfer, car enthusiast, and a driving force behind, a small business incubator fostering local talent and innovation.